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Hey People the website will be up soon,but

14 Oct

NERO LOGO2you all spend your lives on Face book anyway so i am mostly there letting you know about my High Quality Shows for a Cheap price,usually 5 bands or more for $10.bucks,plus the venue i am running in Astoria is called GUSSY’s 20-14 29 street Queens NYC 11105,always cheap to drink,Drink specials too,so you can google GUSSY’s Bar & Grill or Facebook.com/NecromancerProductions,inc and GO TO EVENTS SECTION where you can see ALL THE SHOWS coming up! Ozzie Mortanis on Facebook,why do you ask? well because you need to see who’s playing and when,so with that said,remember Necromancer Productions loves you music lovers,SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SCENE==GO TO THE SHOWS! if you don’t support more music venues will close and we certainly don’t want that! so it’s all up to you,rejoice because i am keepin it cheap so you can still afford to go out,sinfully^^Mortanis>> Venue Builder…